04 Oct 2018
Dr. Khreisat: Jordan University of Science and Technology is continuously advancing

The head of Jordan University of Science and Technology Dr. Saeb Khreisat said : that the university is spending 8 million dinars annually from its own budget,  in addition to 17 million euros provided by the European Union through 36 scientific research projects over 3 years  on scientific research, which is one of the reasons for the progress of the university in the international classification


Dr. Khreisat. said during a press conference held on the occasion of the university's entry into the list of 351-400 universities worldwide, according to The Times classification of the universities in London on Wednesday, 26/9/2018,  that the university recorded a quantum leap in a year.


Dr. Khreisat pointed out that this national achievement comes as a result of the unprecedented support provided by His Majesty King Abdullah II through the Royal initiatives, especially the 7th discussion paper of His Majesty the King and its guiding contents, the government's continuous support and the great efforts exerted by the University's family.

Dr. Khreisat stressed that the university's achievement is a national achievement that the university provides to the leader of the country, who stresses at every occasion the need to modernize and develop the means of work to serve Jordan and qualify its members and institutions to enter the world of competition.

The university's president explained that the university administration is aware of the size of this achievement and its commitment to further work and continuous development, in order to preserve what has been accomplished and to achieve more.

Dr. Khreisat pointed out that the university had achieved internationally advanced positions for the year 2018 as it ranked 121-130 in Asia, ranked 73 among the universities of the emerging economies and ranked among the top four Arab universities.

Dr. Khreisat pointed out that this classification is of great importance because it has an indication of the quality of the university's operations, plans and programs. It measures five performance indicators, which are divided into thirteen sub-indicators, the most important of which are scientific citations that indicate the impact of scientific research at the university, Which has an important weight in this classification because of the reference to the quality of research and its importance, as well as the standard of research in terms of number and reputation and the return achieved by this research

The other important indicator in the rankings of the World Times is the educational environment, which is measured by specialized international surveys. The fourth indicator is linked to the worldview of the university, which looks at the proportion of foreign students in the university and the proportion of foreign professors, the latest index is the fifth linked to financial income Which is the result of the work of the university and above all the link with industry in various fields, as it shows here the creativity and effectiveness of the university in transferring the outputs of its work to the communities.

Dr. Khreisat stressed that the university has conducted a comprehensive review of its strategic plan, what has been achieved, identify gaps and develop the necessary solutions to achieve the University's goals to improve the teaching process and increase the efficiency of the administrative system.