26 Sep 2018
Workshop on Research Based Teaching at the Jordan University of Science and Technology


The Deanship of Scientific Research at the Jordan University of Science and Technology organized and hosted the TAM (Technical Assistance Missions) of a workshop entitled " Research Based Teaching", were Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) from the Erasmus Plus National Office represented by Prof. Abeer Al Bawab and an expert in modern teaching methods based on scientific research, Prof. Roberto Cerbino, delivered and facilitated the activities of this workshop.  Prof. Roberto Cerbino is a Physicist from the University of Milan, Italy.


At the outset of the activity, Prof. Ghassan Tashtoush, The Dean of Scientific Research at the University, said that since its inception, the University has been committed to providing all possible means of support to researchers, believing that scientific research is a fundamental pillar and prerequisite for the advancement of academic institutions and for the development of societies and sustainable development in all fields.


During the workshop, the lecturers presented practical lectures and shared their experiences regarding Research Based Teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


At the end of the workshop, which was attended by a large number of faculty members from Jordanian Universities in the North of Jordan and JUST, HERE answered the questions and inquiries raised by participants.