14 Aug 2018
On behalf of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Industry and Trade inaugurates Jordan Industries Exhibition «Made in Jordan»

Thursday, 9-8-2018 – On behalf of the Prime Minister Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz, The Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Dr. Tarek Al-Hamouri inaugurated Jordan Industries Exhibition titled "Made in Jordan" in the city of Irbid – Al-Hassan Sports City – in the presence of the President of JUST Prof. Saeb Khreisat. The exhibition is organized by Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) in cooperation with Amman Chamber of Industry and the Chamber of Industry in Irbid as well as the campaign of "Made in Jordan".


The president of JUST, Prof. Saeb Khreisat, said that Jordan University of Science and Technology has taken the responsibility to be in the ranks of international universities according to the best indicators of higher education and scientific research in the world, which necessarily requires achieving standards of good performance and effectiveness. One of which is "the axis of linkage with industry", where a number of specialists at the university, in coordination with our partners, have been studying this axis and its dimensions to effectively establish goals that achieve the axis of linkage with industry – beginning by strengthening communication between the university and the industrial sectors. In addition, working on improving the outputs of engineering training, including the involvement of companies and factories in the follow-up and evaluation of the outputs of training programs, has been considered with emphasis on directing the projects of graduate students to consider practical ideas that provide solutions to the problems of industry.


Prof. Khreisat also stressed that the university has taken upon itself the development of teaching methods, enhancing the abilities and skills of professors and their scientific research and developing the study plans to focus on practical aspects to serve the industry sector and meet the needs of this sector of qualified human resources and effective research results. In order to achieve these objectives, a number of operational and practical measures were included with clear performance indicators to ensure the achievement of the objectives of this plan, which has already led to concrete practical results that have reflected on the capabilities of each of the faculty members, their research results and students and their employment opportunities. Also, including the achievement of global partnerships in industry linkages and support to the local industrial sector and the development of its outputs which are now the result of this ambitious plan have always been considered.


The exhibition coordinator, a member of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University, Dr. Ahmed Friwan said that the organization of the exhibition is part of the efforts of Jordan University of Science and Technology to enhance the partnership between the industrial and academic institutions in Jordan in order to improve and develop the institutional and pioneering environment in Jordan by raising and developing private sector capabilities.


The three-day exhibition aims at supporting and developing the private sector in Jordan through relying on the feedback from the producer and the consumer to be carried out by the specialized researchers during the exhibition. Accordingly and based on factual, real and scientific research information, necessary technical support will be provided to the factories to improve the institutional and pioneering environment in Jordan.