12 Aug 2018
​ The Conclusion of the First Summer Creativity Camp Activities at Jordan University of Science and Technology

The Vice President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Mohammed Al-Abini, honored the students participating in the first Summer Creativity Camp which was organized by the Center of Excellence for Creative Projects at the University in the presence of the Director of the Center Prof. Fahid Awad.
During the ceremony, Prof. Al-Abini referred to the strategic objectives of the university, which are related to spreading the culture of creativity and entrepreneurship, fostering and embracing the creators of all categories and ages through the Center of Excellence for Creative Projects. In addition, he encourages in his speech, the students to be engaged in the community, to take care of the creators from the basic educational stage, and to participate with the national institutions in the public and the private sectors to support and enrich such efforts.
From his part, the director of the Center of Excellence for the Creative Projects, Prof. Fahid Awad, said that the Summer Creativity Camp aims to provide various training workshops for the school students of the university employees’ children to provide them with the necessary skills and expertise for their future to discover their tendencies and talents, and to encourage them to innovate and spread the culture of creativity.
In addition, the head of the training department at the Center of Excellence, Mr. Hassan Al-Amor, said that 14 training workshops were held during the summer camp on various subjects aimed at developing the skills and the abilities of the students, as well as,  developing their talents. He also mentioned that these workshops were attended by more than 200 students from the university employees' children.
It is worth to mention that the ceremony was attended by a number of the deans of the faculties, the teaching and the administrative members in the university, and the parents of the students. In the end of the ceremony the prizes are distributed by Prof. Al-Abini and the photographs are taken with the students.