10 Jul 2018
Dr. Khuraisat Sponsors the Launch of the International Diploma Program at "Jordan University of Science and Technology "(JUST)

The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Dr. Saeb Khuraisat, sponsored the launching ceremony of the International Diplomas and Diploma Program, which was launched by the University in collaboration with the Exelent Energy Consultancy Company, with the participation of both the public and private sectors in the presence of Vice-Presidents, Deans and representatives of the US Embassy.

 Dr. Khuraisat said that this project, which was launched by JUST Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) in partnership with the public and private sectors, will open practical doors for many who seek to improve the quality of their education or work, or those who seek to increase their chances of earning more income or better work.

 The vice president of the university (JUST), Dr. Mohammed Al-AIbini, said that the project aims to raise skills and increase opportunities for young people, especially in career excellence, regardless of educational categories and levels, eliminating the idea of less opportunities for non-university students even if their testimony is secondary only and re-aware that their chances of better work are imminent. The project will give international diploma and professional certification by a single and exclusive American accreditation..

Dr. Al-Ibini pointed out that through the project, new courses and training programs will be held which are new in style and will move away from traditional methods, shorter periods and a better approach. Training programs and courses in renewable energy, health care and nutrition will be held, enriching these sectors with effective practical practices leading to more sophisticated developed future.
The Executive Director of Excellent Company, Khalid Al Sarhan, said: "This project will take on provide  the job market with advanced expertise and competencies. It will also provide the opportunity to obtain US accreditation from the North American Certified Energy Practitioners Council. The recipients will be able to receive these certificates within Jordan without bearing the burden of the progress of these applying for such certificates outside Jordan

 It is worth mentioning that Excellent Energy Consultancy Company, which sought to bring this project to Jordan, is a US company that has professional experts in the field of energy, energy studies, training and development in this field.  It has completed many large successful projects in renewable energy in more than one region around the world. It has extensive regional partnerships and extensive international relations with leading companies and institutions in America, Germany, Canada and the Middle East.​