23 Apr 2018
Dr. Khresat Inaugurated the Graduate Students Research Conference for Projects Funded by the Deanship of Scientific Research.

The President of Jordan University and Technology (JUST) Dr. Saeb Khresat inaugurated the Graduate Students Research Conference for research projects that funded by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university. The conference organized by the faculty of Graduate Studies and the Deanship of Scientific Research. The conference attended by the Vice President Dr. Khalid Al-Salem and a number of deans, faculty members and students.

Dr. Khresat said that the conference is an interdisciplinary vehicle for the discussion of academic research among graduate students from different faculties and research backgrounds. The goal of the conference is to provide a local forum for interaction that supports the development of research-in-progress into high-quality papers and presentations that contribute to the theory, practice, and teaching in multiple research fields, which agree with the university mission and goals.

Dr. Khresat assured that the university has raised the number of graduate students' supported projects and graduate programs. He added that the university has recently focused on interdisciplinary projects, and attracted talented students with excellent academic status by the generous support of Deanship of Scientific Research for postgraduate studies.

   The Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies, Dr. Borhan Albiss said that these kinds of conferences and activities promote graduate students knowledge and skills that enable them to become leaders in their communities. Dr.Borhan added that the faculty seeks to expand the number of graduate programs at the level of master's and doctorate (PhD) and joint programs in line with the requirements of the national priorities. He also showed a video presentation for the activities that the faculty offers to graduate students.


The Dean of Scientific Research at the University, Dr. Ghassan Tashtoush, said that the conference provides graduate students with various methodological skills in preparing and formulating their research results based on the requirements of national and international conferences, which in turn, help them to know the details of the procedures to be followed while publishing their research in scientific journals to the fullest extent. After that, Dr. Noor A. Al-Mortadi the Dean Assistant presented a short video about the activities in the Deanship of research during the last year.

 Dr. Fadia Mayyas, vice dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies, said that 40 students participated from different faculties and majors at the university level. Fourteen students nominated for presenting and competing for the best oral presentations. The rest of the students competed for the best three posters.

The winner of the best master thesis for 2016/2017 was also announced in the opening ceremony where the student Esra'a Rashaydeh supervised by Prof. Sa'ad Abu Qadis from the Faculty of Engineering / Civil Engineering won the first place, whereas, Duha Baydoon from Faculty of Pharmacy won the second place, Bian Kanaan from the Department of Mechanical Engineering won the third place, and Rania Mahafda from Faculty of Pharmacy won the fourth place.

At the end of the conference, the winners of the best oral presentations and posters were announced where the student Marwah Tuffaha from the Faculty of Science and Arts won the first place, Roa'a Jaradat from the Faculty of Pharmacy won the second place, Duha Bydoun from the Faculty of Pharmacy won the third place, and both the students Kamal Al Shami from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Mohammad Musab from Veterinary Medicine Faculty won the fourth place.

With respect to poster competition, the first place was awarded to Azza Jaradat from Faculty of Science and Art, the second place was awarded to both Sara Garaibeh and Hadil Albarqi from Faculty of Pharmacy, and the third pace was awarded to Sharaf Al-Shdaifat from Faculty of Agriculture