09 Apr 2018
Workshop for feeding additive

The section of veterinary continuing education and community services in collaboration with Dorba consulting center, the Jordanian veterinary association-Alzarqa branch and Vet giving minds initiative (VGM) and the vet committee at the faculty of veterinary medicine held a workshop titled, "feed additive" in Saturday 31-3-2018 and Saturday 7-4-2018.

Dr Khaled Al-najjar talked about the scientific and practical values of feed additives, focusing at first on the definition and terminology. He talked about antimicrobial resistance, and the local and international laws that govern feed additives.

Fourty-one students of the faculty of veterinary medicine (both 4th and 5th years) attended the workshop. the general manager of Dorba consulting center handed certificates to the participitants at the end of the workshop.