01 Apr 2018
Closing of the football Community Championship at Jordan university of Science and Technology

Under the patronage of his excellency, the President of Jordan University Science and Technology, Dr Saeb Khreisat and in the presence of Kuwaiti Ambassador Dr. Hamad Al-Duaij. the final match of the football championship for Arab and foreign students was conducted. This event was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs between the Saudi and Kuwaiti students in the university.

The Saudi team won the game by four to one at the sport activity stadium which was packed with spectators; especially the students from Arab communities.

Dr. Khreisat said that this activity is aimed at enhancing communication among 4590 students of Arab and foreign nationalities who represent about (50) nationalities. The event was attended by student teams from Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Morocco, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, Yemen, Kuwait, Nigeria 

The Secretary of the Arab and Foreign Students Club at the University appreciated   the role played by the University administration to cooperate with the Arab and foreign students club in providing the appropriate academic environment during their academic journey in the university.

The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Al-Atoum said that the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university, within the vision of the university and its mission, gives the foreign students its care and makes sure that the students have the chance to participate their hobbies and extracurricular activities and provide them with all the facilities they need.

At the end of the game, Dr. Hamad Daeij and Dr. Saeb Khreisat handed the trophy to the winning team and distributed the medals to the players of both teams in the presence of a large number of officials and students