26 Mar 2018
A Delegation from Jordan University of Science and Technology Visits a Unit of Military Border Guards in the Northern Region

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Battle of Karameh, a delegation from Jordan University of Science and Technology, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Community Development Department, visited one of the Border Guard units on the northern front. The delegation was received by the commander of the battalion of border guards and a number of its senior officers in addition to its brave soldiers. The battalion commander presented a military briefing about the nature of the tasks and duties of the formations and units of the border guards as well as the sophisticated equipment used by the brave Arab army soldiers in these locations.  He also spoke to the delegation about the geographical and strategic importance of the area.

Professor Awni Al-Otoom, Dean of Student Affairs at Jordan University of Science and Technology, praised the advanced level reached by the Armed Forces units – the Arab Army, in addition to the high morale enjoyed by the army officers and brave soldiers. Dr. Al-Otoom said that our Armed Forces will remain the heart of our homeland and its impenetrable fence, and that these forces have made and still make the most precious in order to achieve the security and stability of the homeland and protect the dignity of its people.  The best witness to this is the corps of martyrs whose souls adorn the skies of the homeland and whose bloods irrigate Jordan's earth.

The University Folklore Band presented artistic shows that won the admiration of officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Border Guard Battalion on the northern front. At the end of the visit, shields were exchanged between the Border Guard Battalion and the University. Gifts were also given by Professor Awni Al-Otoom to a group of members of the Battalion.