21 Mar 2018
JUST won the First Award for “El-Hassan Bin Talal for Scientific Excellence”

The General Secretary for the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) has announced the results of competition of the Award for “Prince Alhassan Bin Talal for Scientific Excellence” .Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) has won alone the award and was ranked number one among the 25 projects submitted for the award competition, for the year 2017. The Project title was “Initiating and Developing a Referral Diagnostic Laboratory for Transboundary Animal Diseases, and Abortive and Neonatal Diseases in Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)”.

Professor Nabil Qassem Hailat, the Principle Investigator, has announced that this project will enhance the university role as a regional center of excellence to support the national, regional and international capacities and strengthen the scientific research in the field of animal health and Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) such as Pest petit Ruminants (PPR), Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and zoonotic diseases such as Rabies and Brucellosis. It will also facilitate the international cooperation and signing scientific and research agreements with international centers and institutions.

Professor Hailat added that this laboratory has contributed in the training and capacity development of many academicians, veterinarians, researchers and technical personal from many Arab and Islamic countries in the region in the field of animal disease diagnosis. This was accomplished through the organization of many regional workshops with the participation of national and international experts. This has great impact on the enhancement of the competitiveness of the agriculture sector, international trade and investment which will reduce the poverty, unemployment, and promote social, economic and political stability.

Furthermore, Professor Hailat indicated that JUST Deanship of research has been continually supporting the research proposals for the Master students from Iraq, Ethiopia, Algeria, Afghanistan and Jordan who conducted many of the activities in this laboratory. This is in addition to the significant technical and financial support from the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the University of Georgia, USA, and other international institutions. These activities encouraged many international institutions to express their interest to partner with JUST to support scientific research in the field of animal and human health, and food security.

El Hassan Bin Talal Award winners announced​​