26 Feb 2018
Announcement of Preliminary Results of the 26th Students' Union Election At Jordan University of Science and Technology /JUST

Announcement of Preliminary Results of the 26th Students' Union Election

At Jordan University of Science and Technology /JUST


The 26th Students' Union Elections were held on the university campus on Thursday 22/2/2018. The election process and all other procedures were supervised and   approved by the HIGHER  ELECTION COMMITTEE in accordance with  the rules governing union elections.


The Dean of Student Affairs Prof. Awni Al-Atoum said that (340) candidates competed  at the department level   for   (43) seats  and (11) candidates  won by default, including one female student. Al-Atoum added  that the deanship  prepared 36 polling stations at the university to facilitate the students' participation in the election process  and to grant students complete freedom to choose their representatives.

The results of the elections are as follows:

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering  :Rakan Faisal Mohammed Al - Hawamdeh

Department of Chemical Engineering :Mohammed Fahmy Ibrahim Abu Jawid

Department of Electrical Engineering :Waddah Mohammed Mahmoud Al - Wadi

Department of Biomedical Engineering :Hazem Ahmed Abdullah Abu Aqula

Department of Industrial Engineering: Ahmed Falah Awad Al Nuaimi

Department of Nuclear Engineering :Tariq Osama Saleh Al - Omari

Department of Aeronautical Engineering :  Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Samirin

Department of Civil Engineering:  Bahaa Yousef Ahmed Rababa


Faculty  of Architecture and Design


Department of Architecture :  Thaer Kamel Ali Abu Gharbia

Department of City  Planning and Design: Hassan Hassan Al - Rifai

Department of Planning and Visual Communication : Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed Al – Zawahra


Faculty of Pharmacy


Radwan Nidal Radwan Shawakfeh

Mohammed Issa Mohammed Hamza

Akram Jamil Aziz Eid


Faculty of Dentistry


Tamim Suleiman Mohammed Awad

Mahmoud Al-Masri



Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences


Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences: Ahmed Ali Sulaiman Mahafdheh

Department of Applied Dental Sciences: Laith Wadi Bashir Al - Shallal

Department of Allied Medical Sciences :Khalid Jamal Fayez Al Mutlaq

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences: Mohammed Khalid Ahmed Jarrah



Faculty of Nursing


Department of  Midwifery :Ahmed Turki Suleiman Malkawi


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Department of Veterinary Medicine : Sakhr Basem Ghazi Zu'bi


Faculty  of Graduate Studies


Bassel Bilal Mahmoud Nusairat

Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Abu Haifa​

Faculty of Science and  Arts


Department of English Language and Linguistics : Ammar Salah Abdullah Abu Al - Teen

Department of Chemistry: Moayad Mazen Mahmoud Abu Hatab

Department of Physics :Bashar Bassam Mohammed Al - Lababneh

Department of Mathematics and Statistics :  Mahmoud Daifallah Mahmoud

Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering :  Karim Ibrahim Hassan Abu Akaz


Faculty of Agriculture


Department of Plant Production :Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Rousan

Department of  Animal Production; Ammar Yasser Mohammed Al - Derabseh

Department of Nutrition and Food Technology: Amr Ibrahim Ahmed Bani Salama

Department of Soil and Irrigation: Hamza Akef Suleiman Mehaidat


Faculty  of Computer and Information Technology


Department  of Computer Engineering Bahaa Ibrahim Nimer Abu Sabeeh

Department  of Computer Science Majd Raed Sorour Al - Shnaq

Department of Computer Information Systems :Saad Ahmed Suleiman Shqaqah

Department of Computer Networks Engineering and Security:  Mohamed Omar Lotfi Al - Qur'an

Department of Software Engineering : Rafil Bassam Mohammad Al-Buhairi


Faculty of Medicine


Department of Health  Management and Policy:  Bilqis Ali Mahmoud Atoum

Department of Medicine and Surgery:

Ahmed Khaled Mahmoud Al-Qaoud

Ammar Sa'ada Abdel Rahim Abu Saada

Haya Mowafaq Mohammed Al Sarawi

Sufian Abdel Salam Fadel Freihat