08 Feb 2018
Jordan University of Science and Technology/JUST Celebrates Tree Day

Jordan University of Science and Technology/JUST Celebrates Tree Day
During the university  celebration on the occasion of the birthday of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, the Acting President of JUST , Prof. Khalid El-Salem, patronized the university celebration of Tree Day. The celebration involved a tree-planting initiative which aims to plant  an area of 20 dunums  of the campus with  a total of 700 carob tree. Each student at the university will be involved in the planting process within the framework of the initiative " A Tree for Every Graduating Student “and the Community Responsibility Course. 
Prof . El-Salem asserted  that this celebration  is a continuation of the university ambitious efforts towards maintaining  a green campus. An area of 600   dunums   has been planted with barley and ornamental trees and the university is currently working on land  preparation with the aim of planting  about  3000 olive trees and jojoba  during this planting season  . In addition, an area of  20 dunums will be planted with  alfalfa. 
It’s worth mentioning that the  university campus has large planted areas  of forests (cypress, pine, false peppers, carob with an area of 1000 dunums),  , orchards (olive  trees , pistachios, jojoba, actus, grapes with an area of 2764 dunums), field crops (barley, alfalfa with an area of 1200)  and gardens ( green and  Ornamental trees with an area of 550 dunums.) 
The ceremony was attended by Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Awni Al-Atoum, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts, Prof. Qutaiba Khatatbeh, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Kamel Zuhdi and  a number of faculty and administrative staff and university students.