06 Dec 2017
​ JUST and Brawijaya University Discuss Mutual Collaboration

JUST and Brawijaya University Discuss Mutual Collaboration

A delegation from Brawijaya University, Indonesia met with the President of JUST, Prof. Omar AL-Jarrah to discuss potential cooperation between the two institutions.

The delegation represented by Dr. Maulina Wulandari and Dr. Panji Deoranto discussed the possibility of building a partnership between JUST and Brawijaya in areas of Halal food production, research on Asian medicinal herbs and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah said that JUST is keen on building strong partnerships with Indonesian institutions of higher education. He also stressed the importance of internationalization to the University's strategic plan and the importance of collaborating with universities from Asia.

Al Jarrah stated that the university has made significant advances in its goals as the university is currently ranked among the top 500 universities worldwide according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The visit comes as preparatory visit for Brawijaya University Rector's visit to JUST which is planned for January 2018.