03 Dec 2017
Awareness Day entitled 'Hand in Hand for Better Health'

Awareness Day entitled 'Hand in Hand for Better Health'

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) organized an awareness day entitled "Our Youth: Hand in Hand for Better Health" in cooperation with Yarmouk University, Public Security, Civil Defense and the Regional Center for Cardio-Respiratory Training.

The event was held at Yarmouk University and included several topics such as training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, using the cardiac defibrillator, and dealing with suffocation, epilepsy, sports and environmental injuries, traffic safety, health nutrition, poisoning and addiction.

The Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Dr. Huda Gharaibeh said that this activity comes as a reflection of the philosophy and vision of the university in activating its role to raise the medical awareness among the members of the community in order to take initial actions, to respond quickly to emergency situations, and to do the procedures that are seen to be necessary to protect and save lives until the arrival of specialized medical aid. In addition, the event aimed at adapting healthy behaviors based on  scientific standards to ensure achieving the optimal medical and health care and to avoid reaching severe complications.

Al-Gharaybeh thanked Yarmouk University for inviting the Faculty of Nursing at  Jordan University of Science and Technology to participate in this event and to contribute to the spread of awareness and education of first aid for the rescue of patients, such as artificial respiration for adults and children and treatment of fractures and also to educate students about weight and fighting obesity.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Dean of Student Affairs at Yarmouk University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Sheyyab, a large number of university students, and members of the administrative and teaching staff.