19 Nov 2017
A Lecture on Electronic Crimes at Jordan University of Science and Technology/JUST

A Lecture on Electronic Crimes at Jordan University of  Science and Technology/JUST

The Faculty of Pharmacy at JUST organized a lecture entitled " Electronic Crimes" in cooperation  with the Public Security Directorate "Community Police".

Captain Mahmoud Mghayra from the Electronic Crimes Unit of Jordan's Criminal Investigations Depart­ment delivered a lecture in which he reviewed the types of Cyber-crimes, electron­ic threat and blackmailing crimes, pointing out that the threat posed by cybercriminals has grown dramatically, emphasizing that electronic crimes could be more damaging than tra­ditional ones.

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Karem Al-Zu'bi said that this lecture aims at  raising  awareness  towards cyber victimization among the students and ensuring the safe usage of social networking sites.

At the end of the lecture, there was an extensive discussion on a number of inquiries related to the cybercrimes. The lecturer answered questions about the most important electronic crimes that occur in the Jordan society.