07 Nov 2017
The Finance Committee of Irbid Governorate Council Visit JUST


The Finance Committee of  Irbid Governorate Council  Visit JUST

Vice-President of JUST,  Prof. Mohammed Al-Ebbini, met Members of the Finance, Economic, Development and Tourism Committee of the Irbid Governorate Council.

Al-Ebbini asserted  that this meeting comes as part of  the university efforts  of  building cooperative relationships with civil society institutions in various fields and he also emphasized  the importance of such cooperation efforts  with regards to the consolidation of democratic values and principles in the Kingdom noting that the university provides various services to the local community through its colleges, centers and various units.

On his part , The Chairman  of the committee, Eng. Idris Shboul, emphasized  that the decentralization initiative comes in accordance with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II, with the aim of encouraging public participation in decision-making, achieving a high level of developmental balance between governorates, and achieving justice in the provision of comprehensive services to all citizens .

The Committee thanked the President and the university leadership for their efforts and support .