23 Jul 2017
The Jordanian Senate Committee of Health Visits JUST , Al-Ramtha Hospital, and KAUH

The Jordanian Senate Committee of Health visits JUST, Al-Ramtha Hospital, and King Abdallah University Hospital to evaluate the health services in the two hospitals and the challenges and the challenges in the health care quality improvement efforts.

The committee met  with Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah, JUST President,  Dr. Badri Al-Momani , Director of Al-Ramtha Hospital and Dr. Ismaeel Matalka , Director of KAUH , to discuss hospitals'  health-related issues and services.

Al-Jarrah emphasized that KAUH is considered one of the distinct landmarks in Jordan and the region as a whole. It provides various clinical and referral health care services. The hospital fulfills its vision and mission with the help of a highly qualified and skilled team of specialists, who are faculty members at JUST, supported by a well-qualified and dedicated nursing and technical teams. The hospital provides best health services with a clear strategic plan, which is being implemented in a well-defined framework, which focuses on equipping the hospital with advanced surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and technology. He pointed out the hospital has gained extensive experience and excellent reputation through its distinguished performance, and quality services.

The committee Chairman, Dr. Al-Qusous and the members of the Committee expressed their satisfaction and gratitude towards the hospital care services and the efforts exerted by the hospital management.

The members of the committee included Dr. Wajih Awais , Dr. Youssef Al-Qusous, Dr. Sawsan Al-Majali, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Tbaishat, , Dr. Taher Al-Shakhshir, Dr. Manaf Hijazi, Dr. Amish Amish, Dr. Faisal Fayyad and Dr. Ziad Al-Qar'an.