05 Jun 2017
Professor Yousef Najjar-JUST WON Philadelphia Prize for the Best Research in -Khalil Assalem2016-Renewable Energy

​​Professor Yousef Najjar-JUST WON Philadelphia Prize for the Best Research in -Khalil Assalem2016-Renewable Energy

Dr Yousef Najjar(from JUST) won Khalil Assalem-Philadelphia Prize for the best research in Renewable Energy -2016 for his research entitled:

“Thermoelectric Stove for Electricity –Deprived Regions”

Access to electricity is one of the important challenges for developing countries (2500 M people). This Stove (JUST) was uniquely designed: heat transfer, fuels, combustion and combustor aerodynamics. Adding TEG (Thermoelectric Generators) can provide electricity for the basic needs such as: radio, light, phones and other small medical electronic devices. In this work, experiments are carried out on a specially designed stove using three types of solid fuels. It explores the role of the stove in the real life of poor remote areas deprived of electricity. These fuels include wood, peat and manure. The stove consists of a combustor with special aerodynamic design. Moreover, a thermoelectric generator (TEG) and a cooker plate are fitted with specially designed fins for enhancing heat transfer and keeping the stove small size. The hot water coil is fitted, after them at the beginning of the stack. Performance results obtained from experiments were compared with those from the theoretical model.

Some details of JUST Stove appeared in three publications in high-impact international journals.

Professor Najjar is a Faculty Member in the Mechanical Engineering Department

in JUST with 168 research publications in high –impact journals.


Professor Najjar won a series of prizes:

International Awards(1-6):

1. DSc (Doctor of Science): “a higher doctorate” in academic research ,2016.

2. Life-Fellow to ASME for Outstanding Achievements

during the last 35 years – 2013.

3. Khwarizmi International Award: Due to Excellence in Scientific Research -2013:

KIA Lureate .

4. The International “Arab Creativity Award” in Science (Energy)-Arab Thought

Foundation , 2011.

5. “Outstanding Paper-1995 Award of Excellence” –Journal of Aircraft Engineering

and Aerospace Technology.

6. “Outstanding Paper-2007 Award of Excellence”- Journal of Aircraft Engineering and

Aerospace Technology.

7-“Philadelphia University Prize”,

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