14 May 2017
Launching the Student Initiative "Excellence at the University Starts by Choosing the Right Major of Study"

The Ambassadors of Excellence, JUST student volunteers at the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects, launched a new student initiative entitled "Excellence at the University Starts by Choosing the Appropriate Major of Study."

The aim of the initiative is to introduce high school students to the advantages of university majors of study, with a simple explanation of each major, then having a dialogue with the students to answer their questions, learn their interests, and attempt to guide them.

The reason for the launch of this initiative is the fact that there are quite a few students who change their major of study soon after starting it after finding that their choice was wrong and unsuitable for their abilities, skills, and way of thinking, which negatively impacts their ability to innovate and excel.

The Ambassadors of Excellence realized this need and decided to raise high school students' awareness about the different fields of study and improve their ability to take the appropriate decision about their university studies.

The first activity of this initiative was held at Hakama High School for Girls under the supervision of Teacher Hanan Abu-Rashed. A number of female Ambassadors of Excellence presented, to a number of 11th grade students in the scientific branch, briefs about different majors of study such as Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Network Engineering and Security, Industrial Engineering, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Medical Laboratory Sciences. The presentations were presented by JUST students Rania Al-Mazari (the initiator), Asala Al-Taweel, Esraa Al-Batayneh, Dana Al-Taweel, Haneen Bani-Salman, Haneen Al-Khatib, Raghad Abu-Elwan, and Tasnim Al-Rousan.

The meeting was attended by: Dr. Fahed Awad, Dr. Malik Hadib, Mr. Hassan Al Amour, and Eng. Nadaa Alrabaai from the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects.