27 Apr 2017
A Panel Discussion on intellectual Property Rights and its Role in Achieving Sustainable Development
​Under the patronage of HE Prof. Omar Jarrah, President of the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects held a panel discussion on intellectual property rights and its role in achieving sustainable development on Tuesday 25/4/2017 at Al-Karama auditorium.

At the beginning of the event, Dr. Fahed Awad, the Director of the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects, said that the objective of this seminar is to achieve one of the strategic goals of the Center, namely, the preservation of the intellectual property rights of the university.

The panelists were Dr. Mohammed Al-Jafari, Managing Director of the Intellectual Property Commercialization Office at the Royal Scientific Society, Prof. Abeer Al-Ghananeem, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, JUST, and Dr. Malik Hudeib, Assistant Director of the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects.

Dr. Al-Jafari elaborated on the current status of intellectual property policies in Jordan, including Jordan's recent signing of an agreement with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the importance of intellectual property policy at the higher education institutions. Dr. Hudeib talked about the Center's Technology Transfer Office, the new intellectual property policy and regulations at JUST, the number of patent applications submitted, future plans, and aspirations for technology transfer. Prof. Al-Ghananeem, from her long practical experience with technology transfer, discussed the importance of linking and the cooperation between academic institutions and industry and its economic and scientific impact on all parties.

After that, the President gave a short speech, in which he said that the university is in the process of transitioning from producing graduates that look for jobs to producing graduates that are able to create jobs, which helps in mitigating the unemployment problem and that this was the basis of the idea of establishing the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects.

In the last part of the event, the floor was opened questions and discussions between the panelists and the audience, which included faculty members, lecturers, and graduate students. The discussion was concluded with a plan to conduct specialized workshops on intellectual property rights for the different academic departments at JUST.