27 Apr 2017
The faculty of Pharmacy Held a Charity Football Match in Support of the student aid fund

Under the patronage of both the Dean of Pharmacy and the Dean of Student Affairs, and in what has become an annual festival for the Pharmacy Faculty at Jordan University of Science and Technology, a fund-raising football match took place for the fourth year in a row between a team of professors and another team of students in the sports hall. The fund raising game witnessed this year the sale of all the assigned tickets which reached 2000 tickets and were all credited to the student-in-need account.

The game was won by the professors' team by penalty shoot outs after both teams draw 2-2.

Prof Karem Alzoubi, Dean of pharmacy, emphasized that such extracurricular events are done for a good cause and are an ideal example how professors and students can work together as a one family and show initiative to raise fund and do their part to serve the community. Prof Nizar Mhaidat, Dan of Student affairs,  indicated that these activities comes a part of the university mission to create a rich on campus environment that help in enhancing students character and have them ready for the real work environment.  It is worth to mention that following the success of this popular event in the Pharmacy school at JUST several faculties and universities followed and organized similar fundraising matches. The fund raising match was organized by a team of student representatives and Dr Aref Zayed. Dr Zayed expressed that the idea behind this event is show the best can be brought out of people when they work together for a good cause in an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere. 

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