24 Apr 2017
" Pharmacy Abroad"

Under the patronage of the Deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Karem Al-Zu'bi, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, inaugurated the activity under the title "Pharmacy outside the Jordan - Pharmacy Abroad" organized by students of the PSU-Pharmacy student union.

The aim of the activity is to inform students of the necessary procedures and examinations required to obtain the pharmacy certificate in four countries: the United States of America, Germany, Britain and Canada. As the activity divided into four sections; each provided most of the information needed for  student in each country; The equivalency procedures and  various tests needed from the  pharmacist to practice pharmacy in addition to the cost of living in those countries. 

As the student Maria Tachtoush, supervisor of the activity, said that the main reason that the equivalency procedures is really  difficult due to  differences in  laws of pharmacy in Jordan and the selected countries. As,the pharmacist there is part of the medical care team, side by side to doctors and  nurses the presenters  advised pharmacy graduates who wants to work in any of these countries to conduct research and  obtain full information about equivalency as this may vary from person to person depending on many relevent factors. The activity were attended by several students and faculty.