24 Apr 2017
The Faculty of Pharmacy Holds a Health Day for the Students of Al-Hosn camp preparatory Boys School"

The Faculty of Pharmacy, represented by the campaign "Doctor Pharmacy towards the best pharmaceutical care," organized a day of educational health for  students of Al-Hosn camp  preparatory boys school. Pharmacy students  presented various educational stations under the supervision of the pharmacy faculty supervision. Raising the level of health care,  talking about diabetes and high blood pressure, and training students on how to  measure sugar and  blood pressure. The pharmacy students educate the students about the problems of obesity and weight gain and how to get rid of excess weight and calculating the obesity index. An educational station about  cancer and leukemia  which is common among children and young people was highlighted. The students were also made aware of the some  herbs that can be utilized to reduce  anxiety, increase concentration and enhance memory.

In addition to these activities, a number of lectures were given on the problems of sore throat and common cold and how to deal with drugs,  raising the awareness of the youth about the dangers of drugs and addiction to joker and sports doping. smoking scessation and its  harmful effects to health.

The Principal of the School in Al-Hosn camp thanked the team of the "Doctor of Pharmacy Towards the Best Pharmaceutical Care" and faculty of Pharmacy for their efforts in spreading health awareness among the  youth of Jordanian society.

On behalf of the faculty of pharmacy and its Dean. Dr. Mohammad Shawaqfeh, Assistant dean thanks the principal for their nice welcome and ensure that the cooperation in such educational activities is part of the school message which is also part of the university vision.