20 Apr 2017
President of JUST Delivers a Lecture at the Arab Association for Thought and Culture/Al-Ramtha
President of JUST , Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah , delivered a lecture at the Arab Association for Thought and Culture / Al-Ramtha organized by Dr. Essam Jalham and attended by the parliament members, Mr. Jawdat Al-Darabseh and Ms. Entisar Hijazi and JUST VP Prof. Khalid El-Salim.
Al-Jarrah  stressed the university's keenness to play a leading role in serving the local community , noting that the university is the only university in Jordan that  offers  the Social Responsibility  Course which focuses on  the importance of youth voluntary work and  social activities in providing valuable community services.

Al-Jarrah added that the university is always striving to providing social services and  to work with local community  groups and organizations  to  make significant economic, educational, social, and cultural contributions towards  creating positive change in our local community  through participation in volunteering activities, cultural awareness activities , training workshops in addition to  Community Health Days to improve health and well-being in the community .

 Al-Jarrah also  pointed out that  JUST conducts regular training courses and lectures and maintains ongoing communication with  the Regional Committees in Al-Ramtha to provide all the assistance possible  to enhance the capacity of people to work effectively with a broad range of community issues  .