19 Apr 2017
Implementation of the second phase of the open book project

An important step has been taken by Jordan University of Science and Technology to keep alongside of the latest teaching methods and to encourage the distribution of science as open educational resources (OER) for the purpose of serving learners at the local and Arab levels. Dr. Osamah Batiha and Dr. Sereen Bataineh from the Department of Applied Biological Sciences / Faculty of Science and Arts have translated a Genetics course from the American Institute of Technology (MIT) as a fulfillment of the agreement between JUST and the Arab League Education, Culture and Science Organization (ALECSO).

Dr. Osamah Batiha said that this Genetics course is the first integrated course with high scientific value translated to the Arab world from this prestigious institute, and the Arab learner can benefit from this course by visiting the link http://www.alecso.org/open_book_project/

Dr. Sereen Bataineh, the coordinator of this work and an expert in the field of open education resources with ALECSO, said that the translation of this course comes as a manifestation of the "Open Book" project. Furthermore, it's the starting point for the translation of other courses, which will be selected and translated in the near future.

The Open Book Project launched in Washington in 2013, aims to transfer and translate teaching courses, programs and educational contents of high quality in the fields of science and technology, that are taught in internationally recognized universities, and make them available as free open educational resources for students, faculty members and researchers in the Arab countries

It is worth noting that the ALECSO has chosen Jordan University of Science and Technology to start the second phase of the Open Book project.