19 Apr 2017
The Faculty of Graduate Studies organized a workshop entitled: "Energy, Water & Environment Sectors as a trigger for innovation and employment"
​This workshop was planned to interact with experts from local community to know and learn from their practical experiences.

This workshop was presented by Engineer Ruba Zoubi - Executive Director of Edama Society for Energy, Water and Environment and one of the graduates of the University of Science and Technology of Jordan

A group of faculty, staff and graduate students at the university attended the seminar. The workshop focused on opportunities and potential innovations in green technology aimed at sustainability in water, energy and the environment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The seminar also aimed at linking the stakeholders of sustainability with the Social Plus Network with the relevant departments of the university.

The seminar was also an appropriate platform for planning a memorandum of understanding to link the sources of opportunities in green technology with Jordan University of Science and Technology