17 Apr 2017
The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine participated in the 3rd gathering of Jordanian universities

​The faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at the Jordan University of Science and Technology participated in the 3rdgathering of Jordanian universities in The Islamic Educational Collage for girls / Jubeha under the title "Your road to the Future ". The goal of this gathering, which was held under the patronage of Dr by Dr. Motaz Al-Sheikh Salem  president of Philadelphia University, was to spread awareness about the importance of the Veterinary sector and the role of Veterinarians in maintaining human and animal health. The faculty of veterinary medicine was the most approached faculty by students and made the most impact on them. The students have been informed and educated about the Veterinary Medicine major and its future possibilities for higher studies and how to enrol at JUST.

Participants in this event were :

- Dr. Mohammad Gharaibah/ Chairman of Basic Medical Veterinary Sciences.

- Dr. Esam Hawwa / Public sector.

- Dr. Dima Al-Momani / Private sector.

It is worth mentioning that the great effort made by team Voice of Vets (V.O.V) from the faculty to make this participation successful.