16 Apr 2017
University President Meets Faculty Members

Upon an  invitation from JUST  Professors Society , the President of JUST, Prof.  Omar Al-Jarrah and VP  Prof. Khalid El-Salem , met with the faculty members.

During the meeting headed by the Director of JUST  Professors  Society , Dr. Salem Barakat , Prof. Al-Jarrah expressed his pride in the distinguished achievements of faculty members and students in scientific research, publications, scientific awards  and graduation projects. He also called on those involved in these projects to participate in local and international conferences, exhibitions and other related activities.

Al-Jarrah called for  setting clear and specific strategic plans to achieve the university main objectives, namely the advancement of scientific research and maintaining  the quality of education  to graduate qualified and trained students emphasizing his full support to provide all the assistance possible to achieve the strategic plans .

Al-Jarrah added that   the university is focusing efforts on the graduates' employment condition and matching skills to the labor market needs , and workplaces in different economic sectors and industries., employing technology in the education process , and graduates follow up  through activating the  Alumni and Career Guidance Unit.

Al-Jarrah also pointed out that a number of study plan amendments have been made aimed at developing  communication skills, noting that three courses have been developed, namely, General Skills, Leadership and  Creativity and Social Responsibility to provide students with a number of leadership skills,  to learn how to offer constructive criticism , to reduce the appeal of violent extremism, and a shift away from violent behavior at the university .

He also asserted  that the university administration is keen to open channels of communication with the faculty members  and to adopt their creative initiatives in order to improve the educational process at the university, through providing all the assistance and  the necessary training for faculty members through the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center.