03 Apr 2017
Opening the US Education Exhibition at JUST

​Prof. Khalid El-Salem, Acting President of JUST, patronized the opening ceremony  of the US Education Exhibition at JUST organized by INJAZ  , the American Embassy and JUST  Deanship f Students Affairs.

This exhibition, which is one of  the biggest education exhibitions in the region and the first of its kind in Jordan ,  aims at presenting comprehensive information for the undergraduate, postgraduate or research candidates interested to study abroad in distinguished international institutions in the USA.

Prof. Nizar Mhaidat asserted that this exhibition would provide the students with a great opportunity to meet representatives from US  institutions in person and discuss their  individual requirements face-to-face.

 In addition to meeting exhibitors, students will also  have the opportunity to attend seminars and presentations delivered by distinguished academics, university representatives and education counselors. These will provide students  with comprehensive information that will help guide them  to making the right choice and successfully complete all application processes.