10 Dec 2023
A Comprehensive Medical Educational Day by the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Al Mazar Municipality, Irbid

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs and the IFMSA organization, organized a free medical educational day in Al Mazar Municipality, Irbid.

 The event saw active participation from faculty and administrative staff members, as well as students from the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences. Various educational and awareness-raising medical activities were conducted throughout the day. The Medical Laboratory Sciences Department provided complimentary laboratory tests, including blood pressure, blood type, and blood sugar tests for families. Optometry specialists offered vision examinations and medical consultations. Additionally, the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, specializing in occupational therapy, provided consultations for children with mental, psychological, and physical disabilities, addressing learning difficulties and autism. They also crafted splints for those in need. Paramedic students conducted educational courses on first aid and cardiac resuscitation for both children and adults.

 Professor Dr. Nihaya Al-Shayab, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, emphasized that community service aligns with the university's strategic plan. She commended the students for their efforts in organizing medical day activities in Al-Mazar Municipality. Al-Shayab highlighted the college's commitment to actively engaging in community service and participation, emphasizing its positive impact on strengthening ties between the university and the local community.

 Participants underscored that the Medical Day embodies the university's and the College of Applied Medical Sciences' mission to achieve excellence in education, research, patient care, and community service.