21 Nov 2023
Jordan University of Science and Technology Health Center Clinches the Gold in Quality Harvest Competition

Jordan University of Science and Technology Health Center has achieved top honors in the "Quality Harvest" competition, ranking the first among primary healthcare centers in the Kingdom. The recognition was specifically for their project, "Optimizing Client's Waiting Time Experience at JUST Health Center." This success was celebrated with a golden shield in the category of accredited primary healthcare centers at the seventh healthcare quality conference.

Professor Dr. Khaled Al-Salem, the university's president, expressed his appreciation for the outstanding efforts made in the health center. He proudly acknowledged this accomplishment as a collective and fruitful effort credited to all the staff members of the health center. He emphasized that this positive competition among healthcare institutions serves as an incentive for development and improvement in healthcare performance.

Dr. Adi Khasawneh, the director of the health center, explained that the competition aimed to highlight the experiences of accredited institutions and emphasizing the crucial role of patients, families, and healthcare providers in maintaining quality and safety.

Overall, the competition supports quality improvement programs and celebrates innovative ideas that enhance patient engagement in healthcare decision-making.