15 Nov 2023
Safadi at the University of Science and Technology: Unified Front for Palestine


Ahmed Safadi, Speaker of the House, spoke at a dialogue hosted by the University of Science and Technology, stressing Jordan's robust internal stance in support of Palestine. He emphasized the nation's rejection of illusions of displacement and its backing of the resilience of the people in Gaza. Safadi underlined the strength of the internal front, firmly aligned behind King Abdullah II in his defense of Palestine.

The university event, held on Tuesday, saw the participation of several lawmakers, bloc leaders, parliamentary committee heads, university officials, deans, and students. Safadi highlighted that Jordan's position, represented by its government, parliament, intellectuals, media, and diverse societal segments, stands united behind the Hashemite leadership. This unity is evident in ongoing efforts to address the Palestinian cause and halt the brutal war machine targeting civilians, including isolated women and children, as well as hospitals, in various forms of brutality.

Dr. Khaled Al-Salem, the President of the University of Science and Technology, echoed Safadi's sentiments, describing Jordan as powerful under the wise Hashemite leadership. He praised the deep historical roots of the Jordanian people, the dedication of its armed forces, and the invaluable efforts of King Abdullah II in presenting the Palestinian cause to the world in its true essence.

Speaker of the House, Ahmed Safadi, remarked, "Under the leadership of King Abdullah II, Jordan stands on a solid national front to defend Palestine and its resilient people, supporting our brethren in Gaza against the brutal aggression unleashed by the occupying entity."

Dr. Khaled Al-Salem, head of the university, commended Jordan's strength, attributing it to the leadership and the authentic people. He praised the achievements of various state institutions, especially the Parliament, for adopting a new approach that reflects the pulse and aspirations of the people.

Al-Salem affirmed that under the leadership of King Abdullah II, Jordan will remain a formidable shield in defense of its Palestinian brethren. He acknowledged the King's international diplomatic efforts initiated since the beginning of the aggression, noting their significant impact on shaping high public opinion.

The concluding part of the forum featured an extensive discussion where Safadi addressed questions from students and attendees, providing valuable insights into Jordan's unified stance and ongoing efforts in addressing the Palestinian cause amid regional challenges.