23 Jul 2022
Jordan University of Science and Technology Starts Celebrating the Graduation of the Thirty-Fourth Cohort of its Students

Jul 21, 2022

 Jordan University of Science and Technology is beginning graduating a group of the Thirty-Fourth Cohort of graduates for the academic year 2021-2022, numbering 5,226 students from various majors and degrees.


The President of the University, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, congratulated the graduates and their families for this joy and urged them to contribute in building their society efficiently and effectively as the university prepared and refined them and strengthened in them the spirit of creativity, honesty and sincerity in order to complete their life's journey in the field of work to be the best ambassadors for the university and the nation.


El-Salem congratulated the graduates of Arab and foreign countries for this great achievement, calling on them to communicate with their university wherever they go in the coming days.


Speaking to the audience, El-Salem said, "This happy and memorable day, the day of the graduation of the thirty-fourth cohort, is a cause of pride; it's the dream that the founders, all respect to them, had and worked for it for more than forty years to have this lofty scientific edifice.  This university would not have reached the great position it has achieved without the concerted efforts of hundreds of professors and staff, many of whom spent their lives serving the university and its students.