19 Jul 2022
Renewal of US Accreditation for Residency and Higher Specialization Programs at Jordan University of Science and Technology

The American Accreditation Association "ACGME-I" renewed the accreditation for the higher specialization and residency programs for the Faculty of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology, in addition to the accreditation of King Abdullah University Hospital as a medical training center accredited by that association for more additional four years until 2026.

In turn, the President of the University, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, congratulated the university's family and all the faculty and administrative staff and students for this achievement, and thanked them for their distinguished serious efforts and continuous work to renew this international academic accreditation and achieve excellence and continuous development in a manner that ensures the advancement and progress of the University.

Prof. El-Salem added that the residency and higher-specialty programs offered by the Faculty of Medicine at the university are in line with American standards and are characterized by a high degree of quality and efficiency, which provides an appropriate educational and training environment for resident physicians to ensure continuous improvement of the level of health care and raising work efficiency.