03 Jul 2022
Signing Memoranda of Understanding between Jordan University of Science and Technology and American Universities

Jordan University of Science and Technology has signed two Memoranda of Understanding that frame a strategic partnership with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and Arkansas Tech University (ATU). The two memoranda of understanding included axes related to the exchange of faculty members and students, holding workshops that are specialized in academic development and capacity building, and joint research production.

During the bilateral meetings between the delegation from the Jordan University of Science and Technology, headed by Prof. Khalid El-Salem, the president of the university, and the two presidencies of UAMS and ATU, El-Salem stressed the need to benefit from the distinguished expertise and competencies of Jordan University of Science and Technology and the two American universities.

To maximize the benefits of this visit, multiple business meetings were held with the administrations of the two American universities, the deans of the faculties, and the technical directors, which resulted in Jordan University of Science and Technology obtaining postgraduate opportunities that are exempted from university fees, and short-term training programs on the latest developments in the field of simulation laboratories in the Faculties of Medicine and nursing, and opportunities to join fellowship programs in specific medical specialties and postdoctoral fellowship programs (postdoc), and electronic workshops in the areas of scientific research ethics and scientific content work for health sciences courses.

During the meetings, El-Salem presented detailed data about Jordan University of Science and Technology, where he pointed out to the university's distinguished prominent global position in various international classifications in general and at the level of specialization. El-Salem presented the results of medical students in the USMLE exams over the last ten years, and how the success rates of students of the Faculty of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology were higher than the general average for international students taking this exam, all with distinct performance differences.

In this context, El-Salem indicated that the university pays great attention to research field; this led the university to be the first place among the official universities in terms of the number of scientific citations, according to the QS classification for the year 2023. The reason after being interested in having memoranda of understanding with these two universities is that UAMS is a pioneer in precise medical fields and includes A large number of international professionals in the fields of health and research. In the same context, ATU is the first university in the world to include programs in emergency management recognized by the American Foundation for the Recognition of Emergency Management Programs in Universities (FEMA).

Moreover, UAMS University is distinguished in several fields, including neurosurgery, as it includes in its teaching staff one of the most important surgeons during the past hundred years, who is considered the most important neurosurgeon in the modern era. The university is home to the top 200 best doctors in the United States according to the Best Doctors in America list. UAMS researchers have transplanted the first spinal marrow and the first treatment of a gene for multiple myeloma in America. Hence, the focus came to hold such partnerships for the specialists of Jordan University of Science and Technology to benefit from.