24 Jun 2012
Enroll for - Water in an Arid Land: the Engineered Water Cycle in Jordan
Water in an Arid Land:  the Engineered Water Cycle in Jordan
August 29 – September 18
The program is a three weeks intensive study exchange between the University of Washington and the Jordan University of Science and Technology. The program will examine the engineered water cycle in Jordan as a case study for water management in an arid land. This is a science-based curriculum designed for students of all levels interested in environmental science and engineering. The program may also be of interest to water management, environmental health, and potentially political science students who are interested in learning the science aspects of water and wastewater treatment. Students Fees will be covered by the program through funding from the National Science Foundation
To find information about how to apply for the program and the program schedule please visit the program website: https://courses.washington.edu/cejordan.
Application deadline is June 30JUNE 30,