22 May 2016
1st Optometry Scientific Day at JUST 2016

About 1st Optometry Scientific Day at JUST 2016

The 1st Optometry Scientific Day at JUST is a conference at which eye care professionals from different disciplines will gather and discuss different topics related to optometry including (low vision and vision rehabilitation, contact lenses, orthoptics, refraction, pediatric optometry, spectacles dispensing, etc) and discuss the latest updates in the optometry profession and highlights gaps and areas that need development.  It can be considered an introduction to a wider International Optometry Conference of JUST that is planned to be held at the end of 2016.


Jordan University of Science and Technology Campus, Irbid-Jordan.


1st June, 2016 (8.30-16.00).


Wednesday 1/6/2016
8.30-9.00RegistrationAlkarama Hall
9.00-9.05OpeningDr. Mostafa AbdelrahmanAlkarama Hall
9.05-9.25Memorial lecture: Optometry - Between the achievement and the development

Dr. Hayel Obeidat

Jordan Food and Drug Association/  General Director

Alkarama Hall
9.25-9.45Optometry at JUSTDr. Mera Hadad and Dr. May BakkarAlkarama Hall
9.45-10.00Coffee break
10.00-10.25Using effective marketing mix of optical medical products to improve performanceNezar DamatiAlkarama Hall
10.25-10.45Advancement of low vision aids: Are electronic low vision aids superseding in the future?Dr. Areej OkashahAlkarama Hall

- The lens coatings    

- Prisms prescribing

Imad HindashAlkarama Hall
11.15-11.35The effect of vision deficits on learningMiss. Izdihar Al-SalmanAlkarama Hall
11.35-12.00Stereopsis: Three dimensional (3D) vision Dr. Samia ArnakiAlkarama Hall
12.00-12.30Characteristics and short term progression of dry eye disease Dana KoffAlkarama Hall
13.25-13.45Multifocal contact lenses: Balanced Progressive Technology: Biofinity Multifocal from Coopervision.Mr. Hussein HajjirAlkarama Hall
13.45-14.30Pediatric low vision rehabilitation in Jordan

Dr. Nathalie Busseries

Miss. Maysa Masoud

Miss. Yosur Qutishat

Alkarama Hall

- Special contact lenses

- Fitting KC patients with contact lenses

Captain. Bashar Al-Omari/ Royal medical servicesAlkarama Hall
15.10-15.25Coffee break
15.25-15.45Latest about contact lensesDr. Tarik Mahmoud/ Mr. Mustafa Al- Mustafa/ Mr. Hisham Hazin Alkarama Hall
15.45-16.05An update on corneal refractive surgery Dr. Nour Al-QudahAlkarama Hall
All day: Poster presentations/ Exhibition