08 Apr 2024
More than seventy graduates of the Faculty of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology successfully secured placements in prestigious residency programs in the United States to achieve clinical specialization.

Dr. Khaled El-Salem, the President of the university, extended his heartfelt congratulations to these accomplished JUST graduates who have demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication by securing positions in US residency programs. He highlighted that this achievement reflects the outstanding education and practical training provided by the university, showcasing the excellence of JUST graduates. Dr. El-Salem emphasized the collaborative efforts of the faculty administration and staff members in graduating these talented individuals.

Dr. Basheer Khassawneh, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, attributed this success to the unwavering support and guidance provided by the university administration in enhancing and refining the medical education at JUST. He emphasized that these physicians will serve as ambassadors for Jordan and its educational institutions, working alongside their Jordanian counterparts in national and international healthcare centers.

Overall, the accomplishments of these graduates underscore the commitment to excellence and the dedication to advancing medical education at Jordan University of Science and Technology.

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