27 Mar 2023
A Scientific Partnership between Jordan University of Science and Technology and Walter Reed Military Institute in the United States

March 23/// The meeting of the President of the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, and the delegation of the American Walter Reed Military Institute focused on developing the existing areas of cooperation and partnership between the two sides, and expanding cooperative programs in order to achieve scientific and research benefits for both sides.

Prof. el-Salem's meeting with the American delegation during his visit to the university dealt with means of cooperation in the field of combating communicable diseases, controlling infectious diseases transmitted through animals, and issues related to health and food security.

The meeting, which was attended by the Director of the Center of Biotechnology, Dr. Saeed Jaradat, comes in the context of following up on communication between the two sides, considering that the university is a major partner of the Walter Reed Research Institute of the US Army.

Prof. El-Salem said that choosing JUST as a partner for the Walter Reed Institute is a continuation of the education, studies and scientific research development project that the university established, and that this strategic partnership represents a new step towards more cooperation with scientific institutions in the United States of America.

In turn, the members of the team, headed by Dr. Karen Patterson, reviewed the most prominent projects offered by the Walter Reed Institute that deal with infectious and common diseases around the world.