05 May 2024
Jordan University of Science and Technology and Saudi Cultural Attaché are Seeking Academic Cooperation

   On April 30th, the President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, and the Saudi Cultural Attaché in Amman, Prof. Mohammed bin Hazim Al-Shammari, along with the accompanying delegation, discussed ways to enhance mutual cooperation and monitor the situation of Saudi students studying at the university.

    Al-Salem reaffirmed the university's steadfast commitment to strengthening ties with the Saudi Cultural Attaché across diverse academic and cultural domains. He emphasized the institution's dedication to providing comprehensive support to both Arab and international students, ensuring they navigate any challenges encountered during their educational journey. Al-Salem also praised the cultural attaché's consistent communication with the university administration and Saudi students, acknowledging their joint efforts in advancing academic endeavors.

   Al-Shammari expressed his satisfaction with the meeting, praising the university's high educational standards and rigorous curriculum. He highlighted the importance of nurturing communication channels between Jordan University of Science and Technology, Saudi universities, and their faculty members. Moreover, he emphasized the necessity of identifying collaborative academic and research initiatives.

   During the visit, Al-Shammari engaged directly with Saudi students studying at the university, facilitating an open dialogue to address various issues relevant to their academic journey