08 Nov 2023
The proclamation from His Majesty, the King of Jordan, piercing the siege on Gaza, resonates with the very soul of every Jordanian. It echoes with the bravest of words and the purest of human compassion.

In a poignant display of solidarity, hundreds of students at the Jordan University of Science and Technology answered the call to donate their blood, a lifeline of hope for their resilient Palestinian brethren in Gaza.

Prof. Khalid El-Salem, the university's president, applauded the students' fervor, as they embraced their national and humanitarian duty. This noble endeavor aligns harmoniously with the initiatives of the Jordanian government, guided by the benevolent leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, as they rally against the oppressive acts afflicting their fellow Gazan compatriots.

El-Salem went on to underline the significance of His Majesty the King's recent tweet, where the Royal Jordanian Air Force broke the shackles of the cruel blockade on steadfast Gaza, airlifting much-needed medical and food supplies to the Jordanian Armed Forces' field hospital. It stands as a testament to His Majesty's tireless efforts in every corner to support the beleaguered people of Gaza.

In addition, El-Salem highlighted the profound impact of an interview by Her Majesty Queen Rania with CNN. Her words embodied the collective conscience of Jordanians and spoke for all who cherish humanity. Her message transcended the boundaries of local and regional concerns, reaching out as a global narrative that captures the very essence of humanity's deepest core.

The university, in its response, witnessed a tapestry of activities woven by its students, professors, and staff. These gestures symbolize the deep-seated emotions held by Jordanians towards their Palestinian brethren, as they stand resolutely in unity behind the sagacious leadership of His Majesty the King, may God protect him.