23 Mar 2023
Pharmacy Simulation Laboratories of the Highest Quality at Jordan University of Science and Technology

March 22 / Faculty of Pharmacy at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) inaugurated a number of quality and exemplary laboratories, including simulation and audio-visual labs, at an estimated cost of two hundred thousand Jordan Dinars.
During the opening ceremony, Prof. Khaled Al-Salem, President of the University, praised the scientific value of this type of laboratories, which enriches the health sector with scientific and knowledge experiences and contributes to raising the quality of educational outputs and the level of educational attainment among students.
Prof. Al-Salem added that, based on JUST's commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in the academic and health fields, the university established these laboratories as a powerful and effective tool for preparing graduates who are able to provide optimal health care to patients, appreciating the efforts of the Faculty of Pharmacy in establishing this scheme of laboratories that meet international laboratories and standards.
The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Sayer Al-Azzam, confirmed that the establishment of these laboratories stemmed from the faculty's belief in the significance of this type of educational facility and its crucial role in preparing qualified pharmacists for the labor market with a variety of skills and competencies, adding that this step is a living and direct manifestation of the progressive approach adopted by the Deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy and JUST to development as outlined in their strategic plan, as well as their ongoing efforts to build pharmacists and equip them with a variety of tools and abilities, making them outstanding role models.
Simulation pharmacy employs simulation techniques, which is a model that has proven its efficacy in education, particularly in developed countries, because it contains a live model of the pharmacy and is equipped with computers and the most up-to-date teaching aids, programs, and electronic applications that transfer the experience to students in an innovative and appealing way to help them face situations and learn the various tasks associated with providing therapeutic care.
The laboratories contain separate rooms fully equipped with the most advanced medical equipment, in which role-playing simulations of realistic situations that pharmacists encounter in their everyday work, such as guiding patients, measuring vital signs, and interacting with various health care providers, take place.
Undergraduate and postgraduate students alike can take advantage of the audiovisual laboratories' cutting-edge technology and applications for pharmacy-related interactive learning and practice, as well as looking for the most recent therapeutic and pharmacological information and evaluating various scientific studies.
Prof. Suhad Al-Jundi, Vice President of the University, attended the opening ceremony alongside a number of faculty deans, teaching and staff members, and university students.