Water Diplomacy Center Strengthens Cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources

In order to activate the center's participation in the Fourth International Baghdad Water Conference scheduled for April 2024 and enhance regional cooperation in the field of transboundary water, a delegation from the Water Diplomacy Center at Jordan University of Science and Technology visited the Ministry of Water Resources in Baghdad, Iraq. During the three-day visit, they engaged with high-level figures from the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources, the Bahr al-Uloum Forum, the Center for Restoration of the Iraqi Marshlands and Wetlands, and the Al Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies. These fruitful meetings are in line with the center's executive plan to boost active participation in scientific conferences related to transboundary water issues and establish research partnerships within the Blue Peace Initiative in the Middle East, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

On the first day of the visit, the center's director, Prof. Majid Abu Zreig, accompanied by Prof. Mutawakel Obeidat and Prof. Waseem Barham, met with the Minister's Office Director, Engineer Qasim Yahya Hamoud, and the Ministry's Deputy, Engineer Raed Al-Jashami from the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources. During the meeting, discussions were held on ways to collaborate between the Water Diplomacy Center and the Ministry, as well as the center's scientific contribution to activating and organizing the Fourth International Baghdad Water Conference. An agreement of cooperation was discussed, outlining the center's role in the conference through the exchange of data and experiences, capacity building, and joint scientific research. It is worth noting that the Water Diplomacy Center previously participated in dialogues held during the Third International Baghdad Water Conference in May 2023. The center's director emphasized the positive role of regional institutions dealing with water diplomacy in the region.

The possibility of the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources contributing to the training workshops organized by the center during the current year was also discussed. This collaboration represents a significant step towards enhancing regional cooperation in the water sector and building the capacities of relevant institutions in the region. It underscores the leading role of the Water Diplomacy Center in promoting regional dialogue and cooperation on common and transboundary water issues, contributing to achieving water security for all.

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