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Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Technology at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) Organizes Training workshops on Social Accountability"

The Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Technology (CSDST) at Jordan University of Science and Technology organized a training workshop titled "Principles in Social Accountability," aimed at members of the academic and administrative faculties as well as university students. This workshop marks the initial phase of the project "The Developing of Efficient Social Accountability Strategies for Better Health Outcomes within Jordan. "The project falls under the initiative #NAZAHA "EU Support to social accountability and Civil Society empowerment for better governance", co-funded by the European Union in Jordan and AECID Jordan.

Professor Dr. Ammar Almaaytah, the Director of the Sustainable Development Studies and Technology Center (CSDST), welcomed the participants and extended his gratitude to the partner organization, Al-Hayat Center-Rased. He emphasized that the key objectives of this training workshop revolve around fostering a culture of social accountability and governance among university affiliates and the local community. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of healthcare services provided to them while equipping university staff and students with the necessary skills and competencies to innovate and develop effective social accountability tools. These tools are designed to elevate the quality of services offered by healthcare institutions, in addition to establishing an effective framework for engaging civil society institutions at the national level. Prof. Almaaytah highlighted

that social accountability stands as the cornerstone of a responsible and participatory society, embodying the collective commitment of individuals, communities, and institutions to hold each other accountable, uphold ethical standards, promote justice, and drive positive change.

Furthermore, Almaaytah affirmed that the Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Technology (CSDST) at the university was established with the purpose of providing evidence-based research, scientific proofs, and counsel to civil society, government entities, legislative bodies, and local and international development organizations operating in Jordan. These resources are aimed at facilitating well-informed and well-considered policy decisions concerning the implementation of sustainable development goals, producing evidence-based guidance, and proposing solutions necessary to achieve positive transformations within local communities, in pursuit of sustainable development. He elucidated that the center operates as a neutral platform with a non-political framework, fostering positive dialogue across diverse development sectors to identify local priorities for achieving sustainable development goals.

The training workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participants.

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