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An Integrated Complex for the Educational Dental Clinics in Cooperation between Jordan University of Science and Technology and Armoush Investment Group

August 23 /// The President of the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, and businessman Mr. Ahmed Helmy Armoush, in the presence of His Excellency Eng. Sakhr Dudin, the manager and founder of the Sakhr Marwan Dudin Consulting Engineers Office, signed a cooperation agreement under which the Armoush Investment Companies Group will donate the implementation of design, supervision, and building a complex of educational dental clinics at the university, at a cost that is expected to exceed one million Jordanian dinars, provided that the university provides the complex with all equipment that matches the latest international standards.

Prof. El-Salem thanked Mr. Armoush for this generous donation, praising the achievements of this ancient group and its continuous support for various institutions, educational or charitable, announcing that the new complex will be named after Mr. Ahmed Armoush in appreciation of his outstanding efforts and contributions.

El-Salem explained that the founding a complex of educational dental clinics is a very important project, as it will be an academic center of excellence at the national, regional and international levels, with multiple contributions to include the best levels of training for dental students, carrying out solid scientific research related to oral health, in addition to a major role in providing a package Including medical services for the local community, indicating that the new building will include about (100) dental clinics in addition to places for infrastructure services for these clinics, and many smart classrooms.

For his part, Mr. Armoush said that this agreement achieves part of the group's societal role and its national responsibility towards an outstanding Jordanian university that serves a large number of students, adding that his great confidence in this lofty educational edifice will always strengthen the group's standing with all its capabilities alongside the university's plans and strategic programs in providing the best educational means and facilities that will improve the level of integrated educational service.

It is expected that these clinics will serve about (1000) students annually from undergraduate, internship and postgraduate students, and will contribute to the treatment of approximately (52) thousand references annually (between educational and specialized clinics) from beneficiaries and from the local community in the northern region.

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