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Jordan University of Science and Technology Starts Celebrating the Graduation of the Thirty-Fifth Cohort of its Students

July 23//// The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, patronized the university’s celebrations of the graduation of the thirty-fifth class of graduates of the academic year 2022-2023, which numbered 5,197 students from various disciplines and academic degrees.
El-Salem blessed the graduates and their families for this joy and urged them to be builders of goodness and to contribute to building society with efficiency and competence, as the university prepared and polished them and strengthened in them the spirit of creativity, honesty and sincerity in them in order for them to complete their life path in the field of work to be the best ambassadors for the university and the country.
El-Salem congratulated the graduates of Arab and foreign countries on this great achievement, calling them to communicate with their university wherever they are in the coming days.​
For his part, the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Majed Mosaada, referred to the continuous efforts made by the university, represented by its administration and its teaching and administrative staff, in order to prepare its graduates and qualify them to be responsible and confront challenges with strength, efficiency, knowledge, and competence.

The student, Amin Shabana, gave a speech on behalf of the graduates, during which he expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to the faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine who worked hard in their education, and to the fathers and mothers who were patient and sincere in education and urged them to persevere and teach.
At the end of the ceremony, which was attended by the vice-presidents of the university, deans of the faculties, members of the teaching and administrative staff, and university students, the students chanted the medical oath behind the dean of the college, Prof. Bashir Al-Khasawneh, and then the university president handed certificates to the graduate students.

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