The Fourth International Conference of the Faculty of Dentistry Activities Starts at Jordan University of Science and Technology

June 14 /// Organized by the Faculty of Dentistry at Jordan University of Science and with a wide participation of experts, academics and dentists from Jordan and a number of countries all over the world, the Fourth International Scientific Dental Conference entitled: "Modern Technologies in Dentistry", started its works on Wednesday.

During the opening ceremony, the President of the University, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, said that all the university’s faculties occupy advanced positions according to international classifications, and the dental specialty comes in the rank of 201 to 300 in the Shanghai classification, and in the Times 251 to 300, and the Faculty of Medicine occupies the position from 151 To 200 according to Shanghai, and within the best 300 according to the Times and 400 according to QS, and nursing, pharmacy and engineering specializations occupy similar positions, and all university specializations are accredited with international accreditations.

The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University, Prof. Dr. Rola Habashneh, indicated that this conference coincides with the fortieth anniversary of founding of the faculty. It aims to educate and enrich the participants and broaden their horizons with the latest technology by bringing together the most intelligent and respected minds in the various fields of dentistry, with the participation of researchers and academics from around the world

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