A Dialogue Session at Jordan University of Science and Technology on Maternal Mortality Entitled "We learn So As Not To Lose others"

June 13 /// Jordan University of Science and Technology hosted, this evening a dialogue session on the results of the national report on maternal mortality for the year 2021. The session was attended by the President of the University, Prof. Khaled El-Salem, and representatives from the health sectors.

In the session, the results of the report developed by the work team at the National Maternal Mortality Committee was discussed, with technical support from the Health Services Quality Enhancement Project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in order to reach the implications of these results on education, scientific research, health policies and clinical procedures that can contribute in reducing maternal mortality

El-Salem affirmed the university's commitment to work and partnership with all institutions and its participation in conferences, seminars and workshops, especially medical ones, because of their importance in spreading and producing knowledge, adding that the role of the university is not limited to training and qualifying health cadres and researchers in the field of health and working on developing training curricula and methods to achieve Transition towards optimal health care.

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