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An introductory Workshop on the Project "Trace and Trust Hubs for MED Food”

The participants in the Project "Trace and Trust Hubs for MED Food” funded by the European Union within the PRIMA projects, which is concerned with agriculture, water, food and energy, organized an introductory workshop at Jordan University of Science and Technology on the vision and objectives of the project, and its importance to the agricultural and food industries sector, by building an application that allows the consumer to trace food products, starting from the stage of cultivation in the fields and farms, and ending with their availability in the markets.

The Project "Trace and Trust Hubs for MED Food”aims to strengthen the partnership between the agricultural sector, food industries and the private business sector by establishing specialized centers in the private sector to develop a system that can track agricultural and food products from the seed stage to the stage of their arrival to the consumer. These centers will be established in all partner countries in the project is Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt

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