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The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology Meets the Faculty Members

The Faculty Members Association at Jordan University of Science and Technology held a dialogue meeting with the President of the University, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, in the presence of the Director General of King Abdullah University Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ghazu, and faculty members in the university.

During the meeting, which was moderated by the Director of the Faculty Members Association, Prof. Majid Abu Zureik, Prof. El-Salem expressed his pride in the distinguished achievements of faculty members and university students related to scientific research and publishing, adding that the achievements that have been made are a source of pride for the university, and contribute significantly to the advancement and progress of the university.

He also called for clear and specific goals for translating plans and strategies that achieve the main objective of scientific research and maintaining the necessary inputs to graduate qualified and trained cadres, noting the need to build on the successes that have been achieved as a team, which would in turn add extra success for this leading institution.

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